Aymed İlaç

Improving Quality of Life

We are adding value to Turkish Urology Sector since 1989.

Institutional Values

The notion that human health first and foremost is what leads the business development department within our organization to work night and day in order to improve the quality of the services we have been and will be providing.

Mission & Vision

Our Company mission as Aymed Pharmaceutical is to increase the quality of life for people by making breakthroughs using our pioneering work and values as humans.

Human Resources

For the sake of livable tomorrows we have undertaken increasing the human life quality as a duty starting from today. As Aymed pharmaceutical industry, we are distributing life quality to the four winds of Turkey. Be a part of Aymed Pharmaceuticals and share the duty of distributing life quality with us.

Understanding Kidney Stones

Urinary stones are hard formations seen in the kidneys or the urinary tract. The substances which are not solubilized and not drowned in the urine form over time crystallization and accumulation. Kidney stones occur when substances such as calcium oxalate or uric acid are present with high density in the urine normally higher than expected. These substances can precipitate in the form of crystals in the kidney and grow over time to manifest kidney stones. The stones can be removed from the body by shifting or moving down the urinary tract. However, stones that interfere with urine flow by engaging at any level of the urinary tract often lead to feared, severe, typical kidney pain.


We improve the life of patients by providing support and raising awareness.